About Us


Our Mission and Belief: Our mission is to provide high quality products from across the world to the design and facilities-management professionals in India with a large variety of designs and finishes and combine that with the best installation service and post installation support, at a reasonable price. Our service levels are in line with our belief that a customer once should be a customer forever.

At Wallspace, we have executed projects from 500 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. for clients ranging from commercial office space to retail, hospitality, healthcare and residential sectors. We represent prestigious international décor product companies for the Pan-India region.
15,000 designs across products and counting! Yes, that is the amount of choice we spoil our customers with.

Our wide-ranging product categories consist of Wallpapers, Wooden Flooring, Carpets and Vinyl Flooring. High standards in product quality and customer satisfaction is what we, at Wallspace, strive to achieve. Our products are sourced internationally, from manufacturers that follow exacting standards on product quality, helping us stock a wide range of products in warehouses across the country for immediate delivery and installation. We can help you get started with installation in a matter of days.

We serve a diverse array of customers from builders to interior designers and Infrastructure management teams to visual merchandising teams who are responsible for projects like apartment complexes, villas, office spaces, retail stores, malls, hospitals, educational institutions, residences, visual media productions, etc..